Michael Becker Software-Developer

For almost ten years I have been successfully developing software solutions for my customers in the Berlin area and beyond. Above all, websites and web applications are my main areas of work.

First and foremost is the implementation according to the interests of the client and the use of modern technologies and inexpensive solutions to optimally achieve the goals of the respective website or web application.

Ensure close communication with my customers and quick adjustments during development Results and solutions that make the respective website or web application exactly what is desired.

I also use my experience for customers from Berlin and beyond who just want advice and help with their choice need the right software solution for your requirements.


Creating websites

Illustration with a man sitting at a desk at the computer

The creation of unique, contemporary and modern websites is my main focus.

Due to my many years of experience, I pay particular attention to good usability, fast loading of the content and of course search engine optimization so that your content reaches your target group.

When using so-called content management systems (CMS), I pay attention to the expediency and your needs. Statamic, Concrete5, Nera and others are part of my repertoire.

Web application development

Illustration with hands on the laptop and a symbolic app on the left and symbolic content on the right

Today, many work processes are software-bound and can no longer be managed in whole or in part without a computer. As a developer of web applications, I help you to simplify your processes even further and thereby to save time and money.

Without expensive software licenses and cumbersome update processes, I get your software online and enable you and your employees to use it from where ever you want. Data protection and data security are included next to very good usability as top priorities.

Maintenance and content

Illustration with a man standing in front of a large symbolic website and editing content

For your existing website, I am happy to take over the maintenance and further development as well as the maintenance of the content. Together we will ensure that your website is technically and content-wise up to date.

A fundamental revision with the same appearance is just as easy to implement as the adaptation of the appearance while maintaining important functions.

The optimization for search engine-relevant improvements of the mobile website is a matter of course.

Transformation and improvement

Illustration with a cup of coffee in the foreground and computer with webpage content and webpage code in the background

Updating old systems or platforms is often an insurmountable hurdle. This leads to websites or web applications presenting dangerous security risks.

I will help you to tackle this problem quickly and cheaply. I reliably make sure that your website is not a target for hackers and you and your customers do not have to worry about data protection.


Illustration with three people sitting at the table and talking to each other

Search engine optimization, data protection compliance, choice of host provider, checking of offers and much more are topics where questions often arise that no one answers comprehensively and objectively.

As your independent consultant, you can be sure that I will answer all of your questions about your website openly and honestly.


For almost ten years I have worked on various web projects.
Take a look at my small selection of websites or web applications that I have successfully implemented for various customers in Berlin and the surrounding area.

Web-Application "Shared Lists"

Screenshot of shared-lists.com website

In order to make the sharing of lists fundamentally easier and to remain completely anonymous, I developed "Shared Lists".

"Shared Lists" includes countless functions for lists without the need for a user account. Use of the lists app is completely anonymous.

Technologies: Laravel, PHP, MySql, VueJS, HTML, SASS

Workeer web application

Screenshot from workeer.de website

Workeer is a job exchange for job-seeking refugees and interested employers. For the customer, the previously used Laravel version and packages were updated for the first time after four years and various functions of the portal were improved.

Technologies: Laravel, PHP, MySql, jQuery, Blade, SCSS

Cooperation with Webförsterei from Hamburg

In close cooperation with webfoersterei.de, we worked on various web applications such as:

Among other things, functions in the area of user management, console commands, e-mail dispatch and automated tests were developed.

Technologies: Symfony, Laravel, PHP, MySql, AngularJS, Twig, SCSS

Web application "Teacher portal" for GoLexic

Screenshot mvp teacher portal GoLexic

In order to give teachers an overview of their students' progress in the exercises with the GoLexic learning app, for this customer a web portal was developed. The design was provided by the customer.

The portal shows different learning achievements of the respective student.

Technologies: Laravel, PHP, PostgresSql, AlpineJS, Blade, TailwindCSS

Website for author Carolin Steinert

Screenshot from carolinsteinert.de website

A new website was created for the author Carolin Steinert using the content management system (CMS) Wordpress. The design was provided by the customer.

In order to implement the design and the customer's requirements regarding the editing of content in the best possible way, an independent theme was developed.

Technologies: Wordpress, PHP, MySql, AlpineJS, HTML, TailwindCSS

Web-Application to manage members

The simple and decentralized administration of club member data, the recording of membership fees and others, payment obligations towards the association as well as the creation of invoices were made possible by the web application I developed.

The web application includes a comprehensive role management system, so that different data through different users can be managed and processed.

The use of the web application created by me reduces the time required to manage the data for the club enormously.

Technologies: Laravel, PHP, MySql, JavaScript, HTML, Bootstrap

Website "Kleingartenanlage Alwin Bielefeldt" e.V.

Screenshot of kga-bielefeldt.de website

For cost reasons, the website of a Berlin allotment garden association was transformed from a conventional one with the help of a so-called "static site generator" named [Nera] (https://github.com/seebaermichi/nera/blob/master/README.md) developed by me transformed away from a content management system to static HTML pages.

The website had to be reprogrammed by me, whereby the design remained essentially unchanged.

The technical maintenance of the website and the maintenance and updating of its content will be completely done by me.

Technologies: Statamic, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, TailwindCSS

Website "Bezirksverband der Gartenfreunde Berlin-Lichtenberg" e.V.

Screenshot of gartenfreunde-liberg.de website

The website of the district association of garden friends Berlin-Lichtenberg e.V. was completely redesigned and reprogrammed by me with a modern content management system (CMS) concrete5.

In accordance with the special requirements of the Berlin association, additional modules were developed and integrated for the CMS.

Training videos were created for the employees of the association, which show the operation of the modules in an easy-to-understand way and thus significantly simplify familiarization.

Technologies: concrete5, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Website BIS-Finanz

Screenshot of bis-finanz.de website

The website of the finance agency "BIS-Finanz" from Berlin was redeveloped by me using modern technologies.

The design of the website now takes modern aspects into account, such as optimization for mobile devices, whereby the original design language was retained at the customer's request.

The maintenance and updating of the content was handed over to me by the customer and is made possible by a so-called "static site generator".

Technologies: Nera, JavaScript, HTML, SASS

Website "Gasthaus Bielefeldt Berlin"

Screenshot of gasthaus-bielefeldt-berlin.de website

For the "Gasthaus Bielefeldt" in the allotment garden "Alwin Bielefeldt" in Berlin Lichtenberg, I created a "single-page" website.

For this website I have adapted a given theme to the requirements of the customer and developed a minimalist content management system for current appointments so they can be easily entered and managed.

Technologies: Statamic, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Website "Gesundheitspraxis Strausberg"

Screenshot of gesundheitspraxis-strausberg.de website

The content management system (CMS) on the practice website was out of date and could no longer be updated. This led to errors on the website and ultimately to total failure.

In close cooperation with the customer from Strausberg, I was able to keep the existing design of the website and create a new one with the content management system concrete5.

The easy maintenance and updating of content by the customer were decisive for the choice of the CMS.

Technologies: concrete5, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Website "Kinderdorf Schneckenmühle" e.V.

Screenshot of schneckenmuehle.de website

The website of the Berlin holiday camp association "Kinderdorf Schneckenmühle" e.V. has been completely redesigned, optimized for mobile devices and reprogrammed by me with the content management system (CMS) concrete5.

The simple maintenance and updating of content by untrained users could be ensured by choosing the CMS.

I created additional editing instructions and made them available in the editor area of the CMS.

Technologies: Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Web-Application for administration

A web application was developed by me to replace a program still based on MS-DOS for the administration of vacation trips of the Berlin association "Kinderdorf Schneckenmühle" e.V.

This enables the decentralized administration of all children and club member data that are necessary for the execution of the club's own holiday trips.

Technologies: PHP, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS


In over ten years I have worked on many different websites and web applications. I have mastered many different challenges and built up a wealth of knowledge and experience. I like to share this knowledge with to all those who want to learn more about website or web application development or who want to start a new career.

Based on my knowledge I have put together the following courses. From basics in the area of frontend, up to the complete complete web application development, I try to pass on all my experience to the participants.

Frontend for beginners

The frontend is the basis of any website. It consists of HTML, gets its appearance by CSS and is filled with life by JavaScript. with JavaScript.

My frontend course for beginners gives a basic overview of the three technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It teaches everything needed to create websites, whether simple or sophisticated.

The course is structured as follows:

  1. Free introduction and presentation of the course
  2. Basics of building a web page
  3. Basics of HTML
  4. Use of HTML
  5. Basics of CSS
  6. Use of CSS
  7. Basics of JavaScript
  8. Use of JavaScript

Duration: 20 hours
Price: 1.400 Euro
Price without taxes. Group courses available at special rates upon request.


Web page in Google Search Console

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Register your website in the "Google Search Console" and improve your results in Google Search


Quality check of your own website

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Test your website for quality defects or errors with the Lighthouse browser extension for Google Chrome


About me

I've been a website and web application programmer for almost ten years. Different customers and different technologies have driven me again and again to achieve the best possible results and develop solutions. The consideration of the requirements of the respective target group and users, as well as the wishes and ideas of my customers are always the most important basis for me.

For me, quality does not contradict cost-effective solutions. I develop websites and web applications always with high demands on functionality, optimization for search engines and various end devices, no matter how high my customers' budget is.

When working with my customers, openness and honesty come first. I see me as your expert in all questions related to your website or web application and would be happy to share my expertise, even if I am not allowed to implement your project because, for example, you only want a second opinion from me for an existing offer.


For a quick contact you can reach me by phone on +49 (0) 151 29166655 at the following times:

from: Monday to Friday
between: 9am and 3pm

You can also send me an email with brief information about your concern or use the following form.

I look forward to hearing or reading from you.

Your Michael Becker

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