Quality check of your own website

Lighthouse review result

Test your website for quality defects or errors with the Lighthouse browser extension for Google Chrome

The quality of your own website and any errors that may be present have a very strong influence on where your website is displayed in the Google search.
It is therefore very helpful to know how you can easily check on your own how good the quality of your own page is and whether there are any errors that need to be fixed by website developers.

In the following article I would like to show you how you can easily check your website for quality defects or errors in the following areas:

Install Web-Browser "Chrome"

Screenshot of Website of Chrome Google's Chrome browser provides an extension called "Lighthouse" with which problems and errors on your website can easily be recorded.

To use the extension you should of course have installed the Chrome browser. Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser worldwide (source: Statistika). It is easy to install and can be used free of charge. If you are not yet using it, take a look at the Chrome website to download and install the latest version.

Use of the "Lighthouse" browser extension

Screenshot of the website of the Chrome extension "Lighthouse" The web browser Chrome offers a free extension "Lighthouse" with which you can check your website for quality defects and errors.

The extension is free and can be added to Chrome via the "Lighthouse" website. Screenshot of adding the Lighthouse extension

After you've added the extension to your Chrome browser, you should see a confirmation icon in the form of a lighthouse in the upper right part of Chrome. Screenshot after adding Lighthouse in Chrome Screenshot after adding Lighthouse in Chrome

Now click on the lighthouse symbol at the top right and a small overlay will open in which you can make various settings. For your website, it will very likely be sufficient if you check the boxes for Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Now you can choose whether you want to have the mobile version or the desktop version of your website checked. Screenshot of the setting options for Lighthouse extension

Finally, click on "Generate report" to start Lighthouse checking your website.

Screenshot of the verification by Lighthouse extension

Depending on the size and scope of your website, the following process may take a few or several seconds. Even if it doesn't look like something is happening, be patient.

It should be worth the wait, because you will eventually get a result that ideally looks like this. Screenshot of the result of the website verification

If it looks that good on you, you can be very satisfied and don't really have to do anything else.

However, if you do not get green results everywhere, then you should have a specialist examine exactly what needs to be done to improve the relevant areas of your website.

In order to make it easier to improve quality or to correct errors, it is advisable to create the report created by Lighthouse as a PDF and forward it to the web agency you trust.
The Lighthouse extension already offers a print function for this. Screenshot of how the Lighthouse Report can be printed

Protect the environment and your wallet and just save the report as a PDF. This can then simply be sent by email, so that the web agency you trust can see exactly which problems or errors on your website need to be fixed.

Screenshot of the print preview of the Lighthouse Report


Do not underestimate the influence of quality defects and errors on the search results and the weighting of your website. Google now not only attaches great importance to important and relevant content, but also attaches great importance to high quality and user-friendliness.

A bad performance of your website in the tests of Chrome's Lighthouse extension will certainly have a negative effect on how your pages are found in Google search.

A high quality website in connection with high quality products or services offered by you will certainly pay off for you on many levels.

Contact me, so that I can help you to get your website scored as good as possible in all areas.

Your Michael Becker